Why split placements are good for Global Recruitment & using The Recruiter to handle such task can be a benefit for you the client or candidate.

As companies continue to pursue global expansion to gain market penetration or just a general increase in obtaining company goals and achieve expansion, the need for global recruitment will also continue to increase.

There are plenty of large multinational recruitment organizations who can provide this service to their clients. Here are a few ways in which split placements are good for global recruitment when networking with The Recruiter

Local knowledge. A split placement partner in the geographical location where your client is hiring will know the local language, culture, and business customs and / or client company ethos. This can be invaluable especially when it comes to interviewing, structuring an offer, and ensuring compliance with the local employment laws. This also applies to knowledge of certain industries. Being specific when placing a Chef we assign a recruiter that has absolute sound knowledge of what and how a Chef works as this is always been proven to be a success; having a recruiterunderstand the position is always better than just “winging it” You wouldn’t get a hospitality recruitment consultantrecruit Engineers now would you? In short we are able to network with recruiters that are industry specific, so local recruitment knowledge assigning industry specific recruiters are always recommended by The Recruiter for all recruitment cycles. Knowledge of Construction, Engineering, Mining, Process Engineering and Hospitality / Travel assignments are our local and international knowledge. After all knowledge is power right!

Speed. Your local split placement partner should be able to find candidates more quickly than you can (especially in a country where you have little familiarity with and/or a language barrier), as well as scheduling screening processes and interviews. Speed of getting things done for our clients are of huge value to all involved in any recruitment cycle from start right through to completion of each recruitment cycle. We call this the speed of particle flow in the recruitment cycle and we strive to get things done in the shortest time possible thus offering clients and candidates alike an opportunity to get things expedited accordingly especially when say a construction project is halted because of a resident engineer requirement or the likes…

Save money. If you engage in split placements on a contingency basis, you won’t pay your partner until a placement is made. This also means you aren’t paying a recruiter of your own, plus all of the associated overheads as well as gaining minimal risk of hiring a contractor in a non-compliant way or worse yet, have to set up an international business entity for what could be a one-off transaction.

Confidently say yes to more opportunities. We gain more access to more candidates & clients alike by networking with other agencies if needed in different geographical locations that understand the above and have a passion to assist & locate the best talent that is the closest match or resident in the respective geographical areas. This has proven to be a successful action at The-Recruiter and this thus opens pipelines of candidates & clients alike.

The Recruiter first researches our clients and candidates before referring to each other for a placement. We do this by assigning a specialist consultant that has an understanding of what is needed and wanted by focusing on what knowledge they have on each role required or offered. We have networks of recruiters that handle specific industries and assign recruiters respectively. You wouldn’t get a recruiter that has a proven success rate of placing Chefs to recruit Engineers now would you?

We ensure that each recruiter handles specific understood industries alike to avoid such recruitment mistakes thus giving clients and candidates alike an understood, valuable & positive recruitment experience.

Working on a split placement basis requires a high degree of trust, an attitude that 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing, great communication, and a willingness to invest time building relationships. You can build your own network of trusted recruitment partners, seek out informal alliances, or join a formal split placement network. Global recruitment is here to stay – what are you waiting for?

If you relate to this write up then contact us for a network opportunity in your geographical area & in your industry as we would love to assist where possible.


Grant de Jongh – Managing Director