In changing times with corporate companies restructuring and with different organisations across the globe from small companies to listed companies we have identified a few fundamental operational requirements each current client of ours need and regardless of the actual title, each individual client may call a function, we follow these basic guidelines as set out below

Construction Contracts Managers oversee projects from the start through to completion, ensuring that work is completed on time and within its budget. As a Contracts Manager, you could be working on a wide variety of projects, from office developments to houses or schools and colleges to road and rail schemes.

Contract Managers identify, secure and manage projects and contracts.

The Role
Improving the contract process, deal with any issues that arise throughout a contract and agree to any additional work and changes etc.
Meeting with clients, finding out their requirements
Developing and presenting proposals for the project
Agreeing budgets and timescales with the clients
Acting as the main point of contact for clients, site and project managers.
A contracts manager usually works in the office, with site and client visits.

Qualifications and Training
There are no set qualifications, though employers will usually look for an HNC/HND or a degree such as project management, construction management or engineering or the likes.
You could also be considered from other industries if you have a background in project or contract management although clients prefer to recruit someone with industry specific experience so we recruiters always look for industry specific experience when recruiting Contracts Managers.
You would need to carry out continued professional development through seminars and training events.

Site Agents or Site Managers shall generally be appointed to work under a Contracts Manager.

As Site Agent or Site Manager you will be based more onsite reporting to a Contracts Manager that is either between sites checking on projects or situated in the office managing each project.
Site Manager job description also sometimes has the title of Construction Manager, Building Manager or Site Agent. He or she will oversee operations on a day-to-day basis, and ensure that work is done safely, on time and within budget and to the right quality standards. A formal degree or diploma is preferred for these roles.

Foreman typically occupies the first supervisory tier, ranking above workers but below managers. The job title is most often found in the construction, manufacturing and repair industries. Exact duties depend on the industry involved, the employer and the foreman’s training or experience.

As Foreman you will be ranked either as Junior Foreman, Concrete Foreman, Structural Foreman, Finishing Foreman or General Foreman amongst other Foreman type descriptions depending on each role required on each specific job being carried out and also depending on where your skills are in each industry and will most likely and preferably have a trade qualification or would have gained your experience through working on projects and being mentored by other Foreman or Site Managers or the likes

Trusting that this write up can assist clear things up when it comes to operational requirements for construction-related projects.