We would like to thank all existing & future clients and candidates for the valued support received during the past few years.

Communication is key to our recruitment success and we love being sociable in the workplace as well as in our private space.

Part of our success is making an intelligent assessment of what really needs to be done, and then setting these things as targets and actually getting them done.

We chase the delivery of a product asked for by the client as well as our candidates and this has been a successful action as we believe in being an equal opportunity agency that adds value to client & candidate alike.

We have always worked with daily and weekly battle plans, meaning we work out each step that has to be accomplished that day, and that week – and stick to it. This achievable goal that we set out as a company is only achievable with the agreements we have in place with our clients & candidates as well as open communication that we are proud to have had established over the years and look forward in strengthening our current communication with all you wonderful people.

All the tools one needs to attain prosperity are in place with our company and we value each and every client, candidate and staff member that has contributed towards our expansion over the years that have past.

Most of our Recruitment to date has been in the Construction, Engineering, IT, Hospitality and Finance industry where we allocate a Recruiter for each job order and get delivery of those job orders done.

Our Plans for 2017 include doing what we’ve been doing along with strengthening our delivery of products and services by going into joint venture with Guarantee Trust Staffing Solutions that has been specialising in education and training programmes for the accounting and financial sectors. Guarantee Trust have already selected, trained, and placed into employment over 10,000 learners over the past 13 years.

Being a BEE level 2 contributor they are proud to be associated with us being a level 4 BEE contributor and we plan on expanding and assist our clients and candidates alike with careers that will add value to both client and candidates in more industry sectors thus adding greater value to all.

Should you have any suggestions on how we can increase our current services then please do get in contact with us so that we can be super sociable about your future as well as ours.
We thank you for all the valuable support to date and wish you happy holidays and safe return to kick start 2017
Recruiter regards,

Grant de Jongh