You’ve secured an interview at one of The Recruiter Clients, Now what? Be prepared to win at your interview as the next step will be to secure an offer of employment.

Get as much information as you can, from the consultant you have been communicating with at The Recruiter about what is needed and what is wanted by The Recruiter Client. Investigate the company that will be interviewing you by doing research such as visiting the company’s web site to find out more detail on what the company actually does and so forth.

Be very sure you are on time. Do not be late. Always a great idea to arrive 5 minutes early, not 40 minutes early.

Dress the part of the position you are applying for. For example, if you are seeking a site based position, do not dress in a suit and if you are being interviewed for a travel position then this doesn’t give you the right of dressing in floral shorts and beach shirt either. The Recruiter suggests finding out from you’re your Recruiter that secured the interviewto advise you on the actual company dress code.

You should give the interviewer the impression that they are in control as the interviewer already has your details and has decided to interview you as they already have further questions in mind that they would like to know so they should initiate and control the actual interview.

Be interested and not interesting. Show actual interest in the company that you are being interviewed by. You can do this by asking about what future plans, policies or current staff are like at the company. Find out as much information about the company interviewing you as you can. Remember, the interviewer already has your CV and should already know what skills you have to offer so the interviewer should just ask simple questions to confirm or validate your skills.

It is very important to understand the position that you are applying for and should ask questions such as What are the main functions, duties, responsibilities?

Lastly, after your interview please do thank the interviewer for the time taken to interview you and then give your Recruiter feedback straight away. Positive or negative feedback is always appreciated by a Recruiter and gives The Recruiter an option to expedite the next move that will either be a pending offer of employment that should follow with a placement or alternative interview depending on feedback given. Constructive comments relating to whether you should accept a position with that company or not are always welcomed.

Recruiter regards,

Grant de Jongh